Thursday, 02nd August, 2012

Another 30km this week

The planned gym day yesterday changed into reading books to our daughter. My excuse is that I seldomly have the time during normal weeks (I'm on vacation atm). However, the run this morning was a longer one than what I had anticipated.

To avoid draining my energy during the run, I has some pasta for supper yesterday. This is very much contrary to what I usually do since I tend to skip the supper completely and run with an empty stomach in the morning. However, it worked wonders; the only problem I had during the run today (after the first 1-2 km when the pain in my legs disappeared) was due to the heat. I started at 6:45 am so that for the first 20 km the temperature was perhaps 22-24°C, but by the time I was done with the 34 km it was already 26°C.

Alltogether, the run today was very nice — even the time 2:29:24 (4:23 min/km) (which excludes 3-4 water pauses) was good. As a result, I feel much more confident than two days ago after the first 30 km.

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