Monday, 21st July, 2008

When things start to go bad...

I noticed last week that the electronics of my Nikon D200 camera were doing something funny; the grid lines in the view finder wouldn't turn off completely, instead only the lower part vanished. Hence, I need to send the camera to Nikon in Stuttgart :( Luckily the warranty is still on for a few months.

Of course, when things start to go bad, all the sh*t comes down at once; next the battery of my laptop died. 9 days after the warranty ended. How bad luck is that? I ordered a new one with much more capacity, but it still was another 180€ wasted...

To add the icing to the cake, my throat has been keeping me up through the weekend. I've no idea what's wrong down there, but there is some pain during the days, and it's difficult to breath during the nights. Now it's already a tad better. Hopefully I'll be fit again tomorrow morning - I need to go to the gym (and to work, of course).

Anyways, here is yesterday's picture of the day of my 366 Day Project:

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