Tuesday, 01st January, 2008

New projects for the New Year 2008!

2008 Jan 01 - Puzzle
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You may have noticed that I skipped the last two weekly images on 2007. The reason is (mostly) that I took a break from photographing for a few days (except for family), because I had two new projects in my mind.

The first one is called JanuariMadness, and I am doing it with a bunch nice people at the Nikon Café forums. The idea is to use only one fixed focal lenght lens (prime) for the whole month, and to publish one image per day. My choice of the lens is the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4.

Second game is 366 Day Project, in which I will take a picture a day for the whole year - without the limitation on the selection of lenses. Also for this challenge, there are some guys participating on the same fora.

The above image launches both puzzling projects ;) Happy new year everybody!