Wednesday, 02nd January, 2013

Fitness Roundup for 2012

According to Runkeeper, I logged about 1060 km of running in 2012. As far as my memory serves, the running took place at least in Austria, Finland, Singapore, Netherlands and Spain. Quite a few of the runs were very painful to my legs, especially around August and September, probably due to overtraining. Nevertheless, I managed to finish my second marathon ever in Wachau with time 3:28:35, which is behind my goal (3:24), but ok taking into account the circumstances.

For 2013, the plan is to increase the total distance as well as beat my personal best from Helsinki City Marathon in 2006 (3:24:23). The first try is going to be in April, at the Vienna City Marathon.

Regarding fitness beyond running, I also did my personal best in bench press in 2012, and was able to more-or-less stick to my planned training program at the gym. The goals for next year involve getting stronger and leaner, as usual. I will aim at three gym trainings per week with 2-3 runs and a Krav Maga training once a week. That should keep me reasonably busy.

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