Monday, 15th January, 2018

Never-Ending Pain?

Right now I have two weeks to go before the marathon... and to be honest, I'm a bit scared. Mainly because the legs still hurt. I was hoping to get rid of the pain by running less frequently, but that itself hasn't worked (yet).

Since the last post, I have done only two runs: 21.09 km and 16.65 km. The first one was weird since I had pain in my left calf at about 1.5 km which was much worse than the pain I have been having in my right leg recently. I massaged the calf for a while and continued running, and didn't pay too much attention to the right leg during the rest of the run. However, I probably ran with a strange technique since for the second run both of my legs hurt more than ever before. It took me 5 km in agony thinking about quitting the run before the pain eased and I was able to continue with my normal pace until the end of the 16.65 km run.

After the run (that was yesterday) I've been trying to apply heat on my legs as well as massage them gently to make them better... and, fingers crossed, right now it feels like it could be working. Tomorrow I will have another gym day before the next run, which I wish will finally be pain-free.

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