Thursday, 26th July, 2012

Wachau Marathon 2012

I just signed up for the Wachau Marathon, which will take place on September the 16th, ie, in seven weeks.

My previous marathon experience is limited — I have only done it once, in Helsinki in 2006 (with a time of 3:24:23, ie, 4:51 min/km on average). That was before finishing my doctorate, before I moved abroad and before our daughter was born. Back in 2006 the first marathon was one of the events which marked the end of a 6-year long period in my life as an undergrad and a Ph.D. student and not being a parent.

Quite some water has flown in the Danube river since then. Now I have been a postdoc for more than five years and in three different countries, our daughter will start school next year and we have recently settled in our latest country of residence (Austria). During the intervening years I had several excuses for not running enough: "family oblications", "too much work", moving and traveling all the time which resulted in breaks in running, etc. However, this year I have nevertheless kept up with the running (and gym training, but that's another story). Although I've been putting much less hours per week into training than what I customarily did in 2006, I have nevertheless done enough kilometers to be confident that I can run a marathon again.

Similar to my first marathon, I'm again planning to start a new period in my life by this run. However, this time I will do my best to keep up with running and gym training. To me, a marathon a year sounds like a good goal for this.

Since April 2011 I've been tracking my running with Runkeeper, which allows me to go back to check my training for the past 16 months. I'm quite sure that there are some runs which are not recorded in there, but at least this gives a tentative picture.

Total distance in each month in kilometers

Obviously, even the totals for the previous and current months are not very high (this month will be above 200 km eventually). However, for example in July I have by now done four runs of 20 km or more with paces in the range from 4:30 to 4:06 min/km and without any problems during or after the runs.

Now I have about three weeks to get my distances up to 30 km and then four more to cool off before the big event. Wish me luck!

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