Monday, 21st September, 2015

Running this year

Some time ago (in January, to be precise), I had great hopes for getting myself into shape for the Vienna City Marathon in April and to make a new PR somewhere below the magical three-hour-limit. Turns out it didn't quite work out that well. In any case, I did make my new personal best at 3:13:42 (ie, 4min 35s per kilometer). As you can see from the results-page, the university had registered me as an Austrian female for the race. In the W-35 category I finished 10th, which I personally think is quite good ;)

A couple months after the VCM the season's greatest challenge took place in Saltzburg: 100km race on the hills around the city. The weather was much worse than anybody could have expected with heavy rain and temperatures down below 10°C (in June in Austria -- incredible). Despite the additional challenges, I finished the race in 12:39:34, which is just 40min more than I had anticipated I could do in normal weather conditions.

Races until now

  • 13.5.2006 — Helsinki City Run (half marathon): 1:29:16
  • 19.8.2006 — Helsinki City Marathon: 3:24:48 (1/2 1:37:04)
  • 15.9.2012 — Wachau Marathon: 3:28:27 (1/2 1:40:26)
  • 14.4.2013 — Vienna City Marathon: 3:18:14 (1/2 1:34:21)
  • 13.4.2014 — Vienna City Marathon (1/2): inofficial
  • 12.4.2015 — Vienna City Marathon: 3:13:42 (1/2 1:29:13)
  • 20.6.2015 — Mozart100 Ultra Marathon (100km): 12:39:34

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