Friday, 05th October, 2012

Lise Meitner–fellowship 2013–2014

Although I''m still waiting for the official email or letter, the FWF website (you need to click through until the second-to-last page from the links at the bottom, or type in my name here) tells me that my Lise Meitner application "Tailoring of 2D materials beyond graphene" (M1481) has been approved for funding this last Monday (1.10.2012).

As described at the website of the program, Lise Meitner fellowships are targeted at "[h]ighly qualified scientists of any discipline who could contribute to the scientific development of an Austrian research institution by working at it." The fellowship relieves me from teaching duties, gives me a modest salary increase and—more importantly— allows us to hire a new post-doc for the two years for which I will take a leave from my current 6-year University Assistant position at the University of Vienna.

What a nice end for the last couple of weeks of writing somewhat larger applications for three different funding agencies in Vienna, Helsinki and Brussels :)

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