Thursday, 20th September, 2012

Wachau 2012 — 3:28:17

The Wachau Marathon was this last Sunday. The weather was perfect and all went fine.

What an anti-climax after all the suffering before the run.

I started by following the guy with the 3:29:59 sign, but got bored at about 5 km since the pace was slower than what I felt comfortable with. At 5.6 km I was number 225 in the race. At 10 km I was #196, at 21.1 km #134, at 33.2 km #116, and finally when crossing the finishing line #113. My pace was very much constant throughout the race (average 4:56 per km) except for the last couple of kilometers which went somewhat slower. My average heart beat rate was 176 bpm (max 187 bpm).

At least I know I can still run a marathon 6 years after my first one. All the stats are available here: a link to the official website.

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