Thursday, 26th July, 2012

Personal News, August 2011

As seems to happen more often than not, I've been lazy posting anything here. I tend to update my Publication list and CV, but rest has remained rather static. As can be seen from there, there has been quite a bit going on on the science front (so far 7 published articles this year and three organized international events plus a 3-month visit to Ulm, Germany). However, this is how things should be, and that shouldn't prevent me from writing stuff up here.

We'll see if that will change during the coming months. I do hope so, since I have some ideas for actual posts to write and put up here.

The 365 day photo project for 2011 is now at day #213 (today's shot is below), and it seems I will again keep up with it until the end of the year...

#213 Spiky

#213 Spiky

... which gets me to the exciting news for the rest of the year: We are moving to Vienna! It is terrifying and exciting at the same time. The best part is that my wife may be able to get a chemistry-related job over there which would get her back on track career-wise. I myself am going to partially switch from computational physics to electron microscopy, which, I'm sure, will be extremely cool.

Anyway, the site is not dead, although my update frequency has been lame. I hope to post something more interesting rather sooner than later.

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